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Here are a few pictures taken in several different churches... as I was ministering to God's people, the Holy Spirit began to move... meeting needs... touching hearts, and delivering His people! Amen! 

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Here is a picture of the woman who was ninety years young at the time, when I was asked to pray for her. She was at death's door... but we serve a God who has conquered death! And by His power... He raised her up out of a hospital bed, and set her free! This my friend, is a testimony of the miraculous healing power of God! Who is touched by our infirmities! Amen!


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 The Fire Of God Fell in This PLACE!     


I'm standing here with the daughter of the woman that was healed by the power of God...


This is the daughter of the woman that God healed!


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There is healing and hope for you!

Jesus compels us to go... into all the world and preach His gospel and these signs shall follow...  

Making the world a better place by and through the word of God...

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